We check, pack and supply roses

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Fresco Flowers was founded in 2005 and is a flower packing company located on the world’s best known and largest flower auction, Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. This unique location serves as an excellent platform for the distribution and sale of flowers to Europe. It also gives direct access to the latest market information and trends in the international flower industry.

Once the roses from Kenya with conditioned flights arrive in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Belgium (Liege), they are taken over by our freight forwarder and immediately transported to our location in Aalsmeer.

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FrescoFlowers1 Fresco Flowers B.V. new FSI member of Trade. 95% of Fresco growers are KFC and/or MPS certified, which meets the FSI ambition. Besides that, we are working on more sustainable practices: to reduce cardboard and looking at alternative solutions for plastic foil consumption. https://t.co/PNFDKXnrVr

Posted 18-10-2019 10:13
FrescoFlowers1 Friday 18 October Alani will also introduce rose Pink Wedding @FloraHolland Aalsmeer. The color of Pink Wedding is a clear addition to the #wedding segment. https://t.co/go5yGGcsAF

Posted 17-10-2019 15:06
FrescoFlowers1 Friday 18 October Alani will introduce #rose Country Spirit Louise @FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Country Spirity Louise is a large bloom and is a clear addition to any #wholesaler and #florist collection. https://t.co/Yoxbxzkm3U

Posted 17-10-2019 14:43

we check, pack and supply roses

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