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Our supplier: NIRP East Africa (RFH Nr. 95311)

“Les roses du succes”

NIRP International is a worldwide leading Company in the field of research, breeding, selection and marketing of new cut rose and garden rose varieties. Established 40 years ago, Nirp has been able, over the years, to conquer a large market share thanks to a tradition made of professionalism and passion. Nirp varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances. NIRP International is proud to have customers all over the world: Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. NIRP_HL


The rose farm was established in 2008 with the purpose of selection and displaying new varieties (show case) and in 2013 was built one hectare as support for the introduction of the novelties.

The rose farm is located in Naivasha at an altitude of 2.000 metres

For more info please visit: www.nirpinternational.com


NIRP at Fresco Flowers Quality Centre - July 2021

From NIRP we have seen a diversity of different varieties within Fresco for years. Both in the high-end and supermarket segment. The following varieties have been selected by Fresco as positive highlights:

• Watergame
Definitely a beautiful shade of pink, not very big bud shape properties very interesting for transport. Opens slowly in the vase, few thorns and nice leave. There is always a market for this color. Expected production: 160-180 st/mtr.

• Quite White
Not quite white but more like cream, big heads with an interesting shape. Opens beautifully in the vase and colors more to the color white when opening. In terms of color not comparable with existing varieties in the market. Expected production: 150-160 st/mtr.

• Gran Donna
Definitely a special color, bud shape reasonable for transport but absolutely distinctive in color. A flower shape as you may expect from a Rose, fantastic vase life and no thorns. Expected production: 170-180 st/mtr.

• Progress
With Progress a very nice bico in the NIRP-range. All qualities on which we judge a variety are positive, actually no negative comments. At the right cutstage, we think this is an interesting variety to keep an eye on! Expected production: 150-160 st/mtr.


City Center
Desert Rose
Fashion Girl
Gold Furry
Golden Globe
Grand Coupe
Grand Donna
Loveley Morning
Red Alert

we check, pack and supply roses

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