We check, pack and supply roses

About us

Fresco Flowers was founded in 2005 and is a flower packing company located on the world’s best known and largest flower auction, Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. This unique location serves as an excellent platform for the distribution and sale of flowers to Europe. It also gives direct access to the latest market information and trends in the international flower industry.

Once the roses from Kenya with conditioned flights arrive in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Belgium (Liege), they are taken over by our freight forwarder and immediately transported to our location in Aalsmeer.


  • Fresco Flowers has an experienced and proactive team that understands the needs and interests of the customer. They are committed to continuous improvement in terms of range, quality and sales.
  • Fresco Flowers requires timely delivery of supply information in the operation, in accordance with the quality standards set and taking into consideration the cost.
  • Fresco Flowers’ technological platform integrates all business processes.
  • Fresco Flowers understands the quality standards of the customers and of the growers. The quality control is done not only in the finished product, but also throughout the entire production process.
  • Fresco Flowers researches and develops new packaging options. The philosophy: to want is to succeed
  • Fresco Flowers controls the finances and administration for its growers and itself in order to ensure that all activities are carried out optimally.

With these core activities in combination with a good working relationship with the growers, logistics and sales, Fresco Flowers is building a long term relationship with its chain partners.


As one of the market leaders in the field of flower packing companies, at Fresco Flowers we are constantly in motion. We proactively respond to market changes regarding as well supply as technology.

Our mission is to provide as many customers as possible in a regular and reliable way with fresh and top quality roses in proper packaging. This we accomplish, among others, by using modern machinery, creating good working conditions and being focused on quality. In addition, we respond to the needs of our growers and customers.


The strategy is characterized by the following points:

  • Overall quality control throughout the production process
  • Expert guidance for growers
  • Short logistical lines from Kenya
  • Regular supply

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Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer
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we check, pack and supply roses

Tel: +31 (0)297 368 066