We check, pack and supply roses


You have a good product, but so do your competitors. To sell your product successfully, it is important that you present it in the right way to your customers. In good packaging, in an adjusted volume and provided with the information required by your customer. Well packaged means indeed selling better.

Fresco Flowers specializes in the packaging of roses. With us you can have these products packed for auction, direct sales, but also for the retail market. Our machines meet the highest quality standards and our employees monitor the quality of your product continuously. With us, your product is in safe hands.

We offer a wide range of packaging options and are happy to think along with you about the right packaging. This way, besides the standard auction packaging for the clock, you can for example also choose from different types of packaging for direct sales, such as the black flower bucket, flower boxes, if necessary with added value and in accordance with specific customer needs, for example:

  • Pretreatment
  • Flower foods
  • Own sleeve or logo
  • Barcode
  • Numbers per bunch
  • Mixed buckets

Please just ask for what is possible.

We cannot improve your product, but with the right package you can still sell more of it. It should catch the eye. That is our challenge.

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A sophisticated production system guarantees impeccable quality. Permanent checks by our professional staff ensure that our products meet the best quality standards. The growers weekly receive a quality report and are regularly checked on location. Moreover, temperature records of transportation are kept.  In short, you can count on Fresco Flowers. Every day, over and over again.

Vase life test
The vase life of the flowers is tested in a room where temperature and light are controlled. Using cameras the vase life of the flowers is recorded. Reporting takes place through survey and moving images.

Corporate responsibility

Together with our employees and growers, we do everything possible in a socially responsible way to deal with natural resources. Fresco Flowers supports various international initiatives for sustainably grown roses. The best known are the following:

  • KFC (Kenya Flower Council):
    environmental requirements, sustainability, social accountability, hygiene  health and safety
  • MPS A (More Profitable Sustainability):
    highest environmental requirements
  • MPS SQ:
    good social working conditions
    compliance with retail demands

The above mentioned initiatives contribute to the professionalization of sustainable cultivation. The consumer demand for sustainable products is growing continuously. We follow the changes closely and always try to proactively respond to developments.

We try to make our growers aware of the principle of sustainability and its importance. If you want to see (on of) these certificates, all you have to do is click the link in the logo below:



Fresco Flowers itself conducts an active policy to reduce the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum. In agreements with growers, the aim is to reduce the use of packaging materials as much as possible. The packaging materials we receive are separated in the packing room as much as possible into the categories green, paper, plastic and other waste.

Market analysis



The product determines whether a profitable turnover is made.

A thorough analysis of the product offer may not be omitted. Here we look at the specific characteristics of the products, at the target group and at the way the connection between them is achieved. What about the competition? In short, is there a market for the product?

Fresco Flowers continuously analyzes the different products, pricing, profit margins and the expected numbers and discusses them with the growers.


In addition, we maintain close contacts with different breeders. The result of these good contacts is optimal knowledge transfer, which all parties involved will benefit of. So we are well informed what new roses are coming.


The market is driven by economic developments in the sales countries, exchange rates, oil prices, known holidays and the weather.

Major trends in the market are:

  • Further consolidation in the Dutch export companies by marginal profit margins
  • Internationalization of production and trade
  • Increase the online business
  • Emergence of the retail segment

Fresco Flowers keeps up with these trends by working closely with breeders, growers, logistics and sales.

The focus is on the overall quality control throughout the production process, expert guidance for growers, short logistical lines from Kenya and be regular with the supply.

The strategic location on the flower auction Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer offers many opportunities and therefore we are able to distribute a significant portion of the production to Europe each day. This has been proven over the past 10 years and that is the reason why growers like to work with us. To further professionalize the services of Fresco Flowers and in order to attune the supply, the stock administration and the distribution more efficiently, we invested in a stock and sales system. This enables us to inform our customers sooner about the availability and to create a situation where product and market information is shared with each other.

But past successes are no guarantee for the future and therefore we closely monitor the direct lines from Kenya to the distant markets such as Russia and Japan. In consultation with the grower we will respond jointly to new distribution channels and perform a chain strategy in cooperation with local partners.

For the retail segment that is growing strongly an optimal design of their logistics is desired. Fresco Flowers takes over the efficient logistics flows from the growers to Fresco Flowers for them and organizes all the added value such as making offers, putting on water, adding labels etc.


Fresco Flowers has different ways to place your new rose, concept or package on the market.

The success of Fresco Flowers is demonstrated, among others, by a reliable and regular indication on the auction clocks of Royal FloraHolland. The Royal FloraHolland auction clocks are the most important promotional tools, providing a good word-of-mouth advertising and, where necessary, we use:

  • A powerpoint presentation that is shown on the projection screens of Royal FloraHolland
  • Royal FloraHolland buyers who buy remotely receive an e-mail,
  • Royal FloraHolland clock news, current messages communicated to the buyers, containing the latest news and supply messages from the growers,
  • Royal FloraHolland newsletter in five languages,
  • Royal FloraHolland promotion at trade shows, in the media and on the Internet.

In the Netherlands, between the auctions a mobile billboard runs around advertising Fresco Flowers and the growers.

Additionally, Fresco Flowers is also present with its own stand at the international flower fairs like the Tradefair Aalsmeer or the Keukenhof and promotes its growers over the Internet and social media.


The grower wraps the roses in boxes and the consignment is transported by refrigerated truck to the airport in Nairobi in Kenya. The boxes are received by a freight agent.

The freight agent in KE is responsible for:

  • warehousing
  • booking at the airline companies
  • the freight documents

The plane plates are constructed and then the shipment is ready for transport. From Kenya there is a direct flight to Schiphol Amsterdam (NL) and from recently also the flight goes to Liege (BE).

Upon arrival, the shipment is received by the freight forwarder in NL or BE. He is responsible for:

  • warehousing
  • customs clearance
  • E.V.P.D. request
  • other transport documents
  • transportation to Fresco Flowers

Fresco Flowers receives a shipment every day. The shipment is unpacked, put in water and made ready for sale at the auction clock and for direct sales.

The wholesaler has bought the roses over the clock or directly at Fresco Flowers. He receives his roses, gathers his order and delivers it to his customer in Europe.

we check, pack and supply roses

Tel: +31 (0)297 368 066