We check, pack and supply roses

Our supplier: Ol-Njorowa (RFH Nr. 6597)

We strive to grow roses of the highest quality on the shores of Lake Naivasha and in an area that has the highest daily sunshine hours throughout the year in Kenya. These ideal growing conditions ensure that our roses meet the stringiest environmental and quality controls. Above all we aim to be socially responsible so that the workforce operates in a safe, healthy and rewarding environment. Olnjorowa_HL

We are committed in the protection of the environment and Lake Naivasha in particular. All effluents are treated and purified before returning them back to the environment. An area of 12 hectares has been set aside where 4,000 indigenous trees have been planted. The forest is growing fast and is already attracting myriads of birds.

The farm, known locally as “Mbegu Farm” (Mbegu aptly means Seed in Kiswahili) was established in 1994 with one hectare each of Souvenir and Golden Times. We have now reached the limit of 21 hectares and grow 13 different varieties.

Fresco Flowers:
Fresco  Flowers have been unpacking our roses since 2010. They have been supportive and instrumental in strengthening the good reputation that Ol Njorowa enjoys in the Dutch Auctions. No major decision, including choice of varieties is taken without consultation and agreement by both parties.

Ol Njorowa believes in the future of the Dutch Auction as it is the only forum where our commitment and passion for excellence can be appreciated and rewarded.


– MPS A (MPS Nr. 801173)
– KFC (Kenya Flower Council) – SILVER

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Ol-Njorowa available in recycled foil

At Fresco Flowers, we continue to work on sustainability. Ol-Njorowa is also available in recycled foil.  #roses#circularbag#greendeal#royalfloraholland


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we check, pack and supply roses

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