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A certificate is a statement from an authority on business processes, environmental and social responsibility and sustainability. The consumer demand for sustainable products is growing continuously and the buyers are more and more interested in being presented an overview of certifications of the growers. Below you will find an overview per grower:

Growers MPS nr MPS A+ MPS A  MPS SQ    KFC Silver Global Gap Fair Trade
Timaflor 803821 x   x x x  
Lolomarik 804034   x x x x  
Ol-Njorowa 801173   x x x  
Mt Kenya flowers     x x  
Linsssen Roses 801696   x x     x
Rift Valley Roses          x              x  
Aberdare Roses 800623   x  x   x
Kisima 803904   x x x    


  • MPS A (More Profitable Sustainability) :
    highest environmental requirements
    view on sustainability in the ornamental cultivation chain at: www.folowyourflowerorplant.com
  • MPS SQ:
    good social working conditions
  • KFC (Kenya Flower Council):
    environmental requirements, sustainability, social accountability, hygiene  health and safety
    for more information see: www.kenyaflowercouncil.org
    compliance with retail demands
    for more information see: www.ecas.nl
  • FairTrade
    global organization working to  secure a better deal for farmers and workers
    for more information see: www.fairtrade.net
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we check, pack and supply roses

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