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Our supplier: Timaflor (RFH Nr. 63558)

“Growing roses is our hobby”

Timaflor started in 2006 and has 136 ha. Our farm is located on the slopes of mount Kenya at an altitude of 2350 meters. We are only 10 km away from the equator therefore  able to produce a constant quality throughout the year. Our maximum temperatures fluctuate between 26 and 24 degrees, our night temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees. Our aim is to grow intermediate roses with a head size of 4-5 cm. At the moment we have 30 different varieties aiming at 4 ha each, with an exception of red and white.


Our grower: Altima RFH Nr. 99558

In addition, we started in November 2018 with a new Altima nursery located at 2,550 meters, Altima – a contraction of altitude and Timaflor. A bit higher, but it really makes a difference. You lose on the numbers, but you can consistently deliver heavier quality. In total Altima is 20 ha with the following varieties: Athena, Athena Royale, Copacabana, Deep Purple@, Memory Lane!, Pink Athena, Smiley@ and Upper Class.


Our grower: Mlma RFH Nr. 97558

Once again, Timaflor continues to expand the company and the grower launches a new label: MLIMA. MLIMA means “mountain” in Swahili. 20 hectares of production will be added in phases and the first stems are coming to Aalsmeer in Oct 2021. With the expansion, the entire Timaflor conglomerate will reach 136 ha of rose. MLIMA will start auctioning the varieties: Pink Athena, Spark Condor and Athena Royale. Athena, Ever Red, Golden Times, Tacazzi+, Confidential and Revival will follow later.


All our flowers from Timaflor and Altima are sold in recycled foil daily on the clocks 11,12 and 13 in Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Fresco Flowers our sole agent takes care of everything as soon the flowers have landed.

We are of course the proud employer of 1700 people and have great respect  for the environment. Sustainable production is becoming increasingly important, and Timaflor is responding to this with sustainable energy sources such as solar energy. With the help of solar panels, the company is supplied with power for the business processes. All Timaflor farms have the following certifications.


– MPS A+ (MPS Nr. 803821)
– KFC (Kenya Flower Council) – SILVER

If you want to see (one of) these certificates, all you have to do is click the link in the logo below:


For more info please visit: www.timaflor.com


Timaflor - Floristories

Floristories – support the country.

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Good Times
High & Magic
Lady Margaret
Memory Lane!
Pink Athena
Revival Sweet
Upper Class
Top Gear!
Pearl Tacazzi+
Ever Red
Deep Purple@
Athena Royale
Spark Condor
Golden Times

we check, pack and supply roses

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