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Pink Athena

Product information

Name Pink Athena
VBN-code 117287
Country Kenya
Breeder Kordes
Color Pink
Growers Altima, Lolomarik, Mlima, Timaflor
Length (cm) 40 - 80
Thorns (0/*/**/***)
Bud height (cm) Lolomarik 5.5, Altima 6, Mlima 5.5, Timaflor 5.5
Sales channels Clock, Direct sales
Availability Available

Pink Athena is pink Rose, large bloom, well suited for the Kenya high altitude climate. Fresco Flowers offers Pink Athena from grower Timaflor, Lolomarik, Altima and Mlima and is a clear addition to any wholesaler collection. The bud height is about 5.5 cm. Pink Athena is a mutation of Athena.

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